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Fundamental Edge is a buy-side analyst training firm condensing three years of “learning by osmosis” into a four-week buy-side analyst masterclass

In a sink or swim culture, Fundamental Edge is here to help.

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    Innovative Buy-Side Training

    “It’s an apprenticeship business” and “you’ll learn through osmosis'' are words you’ve heard before.

    What if the path to analyst mastery didn’t require three years of painful trial and error?

    What if instead of trying to ‘figure it out on your own’, you had an experienced investor to show you frameworks & processes that work?

    What if dumb mistakes could be avoided by learning the common pitfalls of the seat from our (many) mistakes?

    Let us take you from "struggling” to "mastery" with the Fundamental Edge Analyst Academy.

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    Live Academy

    A 4 week Academy equipping investment professionals for the intense demands of the buy-side with hands-on training, expert guest speaker lectures, interactive debate and feedback during pitch week.

    Next Cohort Begins:
    March 27th, 2023

    Asynch Academy

    A 3 week pre-recorded asynchronous academy pairing pre-recorded videos with live Q&A office hours to provide the core curriculum backbone of Academy in a more flexible delivery modality at a more accessible price point.

    Next Cohort Begins:
    May 1st, 2023


    Success Stories

    • “As far as quality of session / answers / info – I don’t think it could have been better. Brett is the real deal!” – Name, City

    • “A great teacher! Plus your real-life examples and heuristics are huge differentiators." – David, Sydney

    The Academy delivered on everything it set out to be and more. I’ve been on the buy-side for two years now and feel comfortable in saying that Academy would have ramped me up to speed on the desk much quicker had I done it a lot earlier.

    Eric N, Australia

    Brett masterfully curated and delivered a masterclass each day on different topics essential to navigating life on the desk as an analyst. As a new sell-side analyst with only 3 months of experience under my belt, this class was exactly the type of fast-paced and engaging training I needed to get my feet under me and begin adding value to my sector.

    Billy Z, Stamford CT

    Fundamental Edge has, within four weeks, significantly advanced my investment process to a degree comparable to previous full summer buyside internships

    Ryan J, New Jersey

    Fundamental Edge Academy is the only place on the planet that I am aware of where you can get a glance into a very well-structured investment process that has been developed, polished and fine-tuned for years and that is being taught by an experienced investor who was managing $1B+ in assets. This is NOT the same as reading an investment book or attending an academic class. This is REAL LIFE. Brett's teaching is practical, actionable, and implementable. If you want to break into the hedge fund industry, this is probably the best way (at least the best way I know of).

    Portfolio Manager, Bay Area

    Academy was everything it promised to be, and much more. What Brett taught us was the kind of invaluable knowledge you simply can't find online or in universities, and would normally take years of public markets experience at a top firm to accumulate. What makes it even more interesting is that Brett, having worked at multiple firms, is able to show us both the Tiger and pod (e.g. Citadel) frameworks. I can very confidently say that this was the best educational decision I've ever made as well as the most instructive 4 weeks of my career, and makes my lengthy and expensive Stanford MBA look like a waste of time.

    Marc H, London

    Academy is a must for those looking to polish and refine their analyst toolkit.

    Brendan B, Philadelphia

    The single best decision you can make for your career. I’ve worked in the finance industry/buy-side for nearly a decade with several years at multi-billion dollar HFs / investment firms and can attest that The Academy is second to none

    John B, NYC

    Fundamental Edge is a great way to learn the toolkits of the buy-side. It helped me understand the market and its participants, as well as refining my own research process. Furthermore, I acquired insights into what it takes to mentally succeed on the buy side.

    Kim M, Germany

    The Academy provides aspiring investors with clear, concise, and practical frameworks and best practices on how to succeed in the industry. Content delivery has been meticulously engineered to cater to a broad audience.

    Michael C, Hong Kong

    The Academy comprehensively covered the most fundamental buy-side concepts, and offered many tips and tricks to accelerate the learning curve of a new analyst. I gained knowledge that would have taken me years to acquire on the job.

    Cyrus C, Miami

    I could not recommend Academy highly enough. Brett’s content leaves no stone unturned and is a cheat code for any analyst who wants to level up beyond their experience. I have completed the 3 levels of the CFA and have two years of experience on the buy-side and WISH I had access to Academy when I started.

    David G, Australia

    Truly an invaluable experience, I finally felt like I had a true mentor, after meandering in the industry for a couple of years now

    Jeremy Y, Canada

    I believe that Fundamental Edge Academy was the best investment I have made so far in my life. During these 4 weeks, I learnt a lot about investing! Brett supplied us with numerous tools and frameworks which are super practical! He is definitely a gifted teacher and can convey difficult concepts in a simple way.

    Olga E, London

    There is no doubt that I gained a lot of confidence in just 4 weeks, and I left every class session excited to put the toolkit to use.

    Dylan R, New York